Write an ad for indeed com or monster com


As the healthcare manager of a large orthopedic group with three clinics in San Antonio, your executive board has authorized hiring a full-time compliance officer who would oversee compliance and release of information issues for all three clinics. You are now tasked with creating a job summary for this position, an job ad, and conducting the interviews with candidates. Use your imagination! You will need to:

- Write a job description for a compliance officer with ROI duties

- Write an ad for Indeed.com or Monster.com

- Create a "thinking paper" (about one page) to outline what traits and skills the successful candidate should have

- Create six questions that you would ask the candidates for the position and what answers you hope to receive

- Write our your plans for orientation of this person and what your expectations are

Create the paper in basic MLA format.

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Marketing Management: Write an ad for indeed com or monster com
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