Write about your cultural event experience


"Reflection" Please write ONE paragraph (there is no word minimum for this discussion) for each part of the discussion by responding to the following:

There are Three parts to this discussion thread.

1) The last 10 weeks we learned about the ancient hero's of Humanity. As part of our final discussion please share with your classmates the ancient hero's you admired or were intrigued by the most. If you were going to be a hero who would you want to be? Hammurabi? Genghis Khan? Pharaoh Hatshepsut? Pharaoh Cleopatra? Identify two ancient hero's you learned about in the course that surprised or intrigued you, and explain why.

2) Write three or four sentences about your cultural event experience for Assignment 3 by answering this question -- has your Cultural Experience changed the way you viewed the arts before taking this class?

3) Now that you have taking this class, do you see a reason for learning about society in the ancient world -- did learning about ancient societies change your view about the Humanities before taking this class?

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Microeconomics: Write about your cultural event experience
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