Write a us foreign policy regarding political violence


Write a proposal on US foreign policy regarding political violence in Mexico.

The Proposal

- Identify the topic in one or two paragraphs.

- Summarize the foreign policy topic (US foreign policy regarding political violence in Mexico.)

- Describe the current status of the policy or topic

- Describe why this policy is important to the United States

- Cite each of your academic journal articles (not supplemental sources) at least once in the paragraph using correct MLA in-text citations.

- Include the Works Cited or Reference section with the three (at a minimum) peer-reviewed academic journal articles that will form the basis of your policy paper.

- These three references must be cited in the final policy paper.

- Additional sources can be added (and should if a good grade is desired), but they cannot be changed without permission after the proposal is approved.

- The Works Cited or Reference section must be formatted using MLA citation style.

- Do not use block quotations or first person in the proposal or final policy paper

The Policy Paper

Prepare a formal research paper regarding the selected policy. The assignment is to be 5 to 8 pages excluding any direct quotes, paraphrased information, cover page and works cited page(s).

The essay is to discuss each of the following prompts:

· An introduction and brief overview of the policy relationship.

· What are the major issues facing each country involved?

· What are the reasons for initiating changes to the policy?

· What are the options to be considered (discuss several)?

· What are the pros and cons of each potential reform (costs v. benefits)?

· Which is the best option moving forward (pick one)?

· A summary and conclusion


1. The End of Civil War, the Rise of Narcotrafficking and the Implementation of the Merida Initiative in Central America

By William L. Marcy

2. Mexico, the failed state debate, and the Mérida fix

By Carolyn Gallaher

3. This is gun country: the international implications of u.s. Gun control policy

By Laura Mehalko

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