Write a research paper on the structure of western thought

The Greek Concept of Hades

Write a Research Paper on The Structure of Western Thought.

The research paper should be 5-7 pages (with an upper limit of 8 pages) in MLA. The paper should reflect critical thinking and analytical ability, along with research skills. It needs to have 4-6 outside academic sources and at least 3 quotes from three different outside sources in the paper itself.

The research paper is not a book report or general statement on the topic, meaning a thesis statement/argument is required, topic sentences that focus the argument in each paragraph with supporting evidence, and a conclusion. The skills that you have learned in English 102 should be exhibited in this paper. Your outside resources should not be based on general information on the topic, but of an academic nature when in doubt about a source, past it by me.

Some very good paper topics can be found under Honors Project, but you are not limited to them. You can chose to explore a particular character, such as Clytemnestra, Athena, Circe, Agamemnon, or explore the Greek concept of Hades with the Romans, or any other literary aspect on The Odyssey.

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History: Write a research paper on the structure of western thought
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