Write a report advising the organisation whether and how

HRM in the Public Services Short-Essay Questions

Word Limit: 1,500 words.

1. The UK's Inland Revenue has recently asked a team of academics to evaluate an individual performance-related pay scheme that was implemented a few years ago. The results of this exercise are presented in the study below (available on QMPlus). Marsden, D. and Richardson, R. (1994) Performing for Pay?

The effects of merit pay on motivation in a public service organisation, British Journal of Industrial Relations, 32(2) pp. 243-261 You are a rewards specialist working for a management consultancy firm and you have been asked by Inland Revenue's management team to write a report advising the organisation whether and how the effectiveness of this individual performance-related pay scheme can be improved. You are expected to base your recommendations on the findings of the above study.

Assessment Criteria for: HRM in the Public Services (I) Report The report will be assessed on the extent to which the student is able to achieve the following learning outcomes:

1. Provide a clear introduction, setting out the nature and scope of the report and outlining its terms of reference and parameters;

2. Apply your knowledge on theoretical and critical perspectives to the given case study question.

3. Substantiate propositions and recommendations with empirical evidence and theories where appropriate. However, there is no expectation to discuss theories in depth, only referring to them is sufficient for the purposes of this report. Where relevant and appropriate, consider alternative and competing perspectives.

4. Provide a clear conclusion that summarises the key points and recommendations made. N.B. Please use the Harvard system of citation and referencing The word count for this assessment is 1,500 this does not include reference lists and bibliographies.

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HR Management: Write a report advising the organisation whether and how
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