Write a program that reads some number of integers from the

Question: 1. Find the Minimum and Maximum of a List of Numbers: 10 points

File: find_min_max.cpp

Write a program that reads some number of integers from the user and finds the minimum and maximum numbers in this list. The first number denotes number of cases. The input for each case begins with the number of integers in the list being entered followed by the list of integers. Your program should read in this list into a fixed size array of 256 elements (the input will not contain more numbers) and find the minimum and maximum values and print them back out.

2. Password Strength Calculator: 30 points

File: password_strength_calculator.cpp

Write a program that takes a password (a string of characters without spaces), and outputs how strong the password is. The password strength must be calculated in a function called by main.

Start with a base strength which is the length of the password then apply the following rules:

1. If the password contains at least one lowercase character between a and z, add 1 to the strength.

2. If the password contains at least one uppercase character between A and Z, add 1 to the strength.

3. If the password contains at least one numeric character between 0 and 9, add 1 to the strength.

4. If the password contains at least one punctuation character, add 2 to the strength. A punctuation character is one for which the function std::ispunct in returns true.

To compute the final strength apply the following method:

If more than one rule is satisfied then double the strength for each extra rule. For example, satisfying 2 rules will multiply the strength by 2, satisfying 3 rules will multiply strength by 4 and so on.

Output the final strength for the password.

3. Reverse a Number: 30 points

File: reverse_a_number.cpp

Write a function that will reverse an integer (with the signature given). Your function should take an int as input and return the reversed int. For each case you'll read an int from std::cin and should use your function to reverse it and print the result. You can assume the input number will always be in the range of the type int, however you cannot assume all inputs to your program will be ints. Your function should not call any std:: functions to convert an integer to a string or vice versa.

Your program must be robust against bad input, any input that's not a positive number should result in ‘Invalid input' being printed instead of trying to reverse the bad input. Revisit the I/O examples from class 9 if you need a refresher on recovering from bad input.

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