Write a paper for your introduction thesis and at least two

Your initial thesis and outline for your course project paper are due this module. Prepare a 1-2 page document containing you thesis and outline. Your outline will be the skeleton from which you will write your project. Your outline should contain an idea for your introduction, thesis, and at least two sections of a body comprised of a discussion on the technology advances. You may use any standard outline format. An idea for a conclusion should come at the end. For a summary of requirements, see the original assignment in Module 02 Course Project - Introduction.

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Technology has provided extensive tools in the field of surgery by increasing the efficiency of doctors and providing better diagnostic tests. Tools like 3D echocardiogram and CT reconstruction have been able to provide better imaging capabilities providing razor like vision to most surgeons and has enabled them to fully operate with dexterity and excellent skills enabling them to make perfect sutures in the human body (Sabik MD, 2014).

In addition, advances in technology which have led to the creation of tools like robotic surgery and teleconferencing have also enabled doctors to perform surgeries even form other remote locations and even perform multiple surgeries across vast distances. Technology has therefore improved the rate at which surgeons are able to perform their work since it has provided them with the tools necessary to increase their efficiency reducing most of the manual work they perform and enabling them to perform multiple operations with the aid of machines. Further modern day technology tools have also led to the creation of less invasive operation procedures which have meant that most doctors are able to fully stitching up people in no time and leaving no traces of any scars.

Technology has therefore been an effective tool in the world of surgery since it has helped doctors perform complex operations which were considered impossible like organ replacement and valve replacement in the Aorta. Further, technology has opened the frontiers of surgery by expanding the existing research on how Nanotechnology can be used in surgery and has provided innumerable possibilities on how stem cells can be used in surgery while opening up the ground for minimal invasive procedures in surgery (Sabik MD, 2014).

Lamba, P. (2011). Teleconferencing in Medical Education: A Useful Tool. Australasian Medical Journal, 4(8), 442-447. http://dx.doi.org/10.4066/amj.2011.823
Sabik MD, J. (2014). How Modern Imaging Technology Enhances Your Heart Surgery - Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic. Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic. Retrieved 24 October 2016, from https://health.clevelandclinic.org/2014/09/how-modern-imaging-technology-enhances-your-heart-surgery/

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HR Management: Write a paper for your introduction thesis and at least two
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