Write a note on go fund campaign

GoFundMe campaign

Tips giving by GoFundMe:

* Campaigns that raise the most money clearly explain:

- Who you are

- Who (or what) you're raising money for

- How the money will be used.

- How soon you need the funds.

- Why this means so much to you.

- How thankful you will be

- (Who you are)
My name is Jerry Seigle and I am 31 years old and live in North Carolina.

- (Who or what you're raising money for)
I am trying to raise money to start a new business. The name of my business is Tech Plastics.
My company is basiced in Charlotte North Carolina.

- (How the money will be used)
I am raising money to purchase a plastic injection machine. This machine is used to produce the products that my company will be offering.

- (How soon you need the funds)
Janurary 16 2017 or as soon as posible. I would like to have the business fulling up and running by Febuary 1st.

- (Why this means so much to you)
I have always dreamed of having my own business making things that would be made in the USA. I have always had the heart to help others and with this company I will be able to employee people that are in need of work that may not meet requirements working elsewhere. I also see my else finance stable with this business and will be able to help others through donations.

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Marketing Management: Write a note on go fund campaign
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