Write a mission and a vision statement for biocon india

According to the attach case study with reference from Exploring Strategy text by Jonhson et al, 2014. Exploring Strategy.

1. Write a mission and a vision statement for Biocon India Group. How will these support the development of sustainable competitive advantage.? (500 words)

2. Describe and analyse some of the key trends and uncertainties facing the pharmaceutical industry over the following 10 years. Build on this analysis to generate two possible scenarios for Biocon India Group, what implications are there for strategy? (500 words)

3.Evaluate the bases of BiconIndia Group strategic capablities by utilizing the VRIO/VRIN criteria. which are the key strategic capabiltiesthat provide or could provide them with sustainable competitive advantage? why? (500 words)

4. what suggestions could u make to Biocon India Group senior management team to support their position in achieving sustainable competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical global competitive environment? (500 words)

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Marketing Management: Write a mission and a vision statement for biocon india
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