Write a medium-length literary analysis research sources


For this assignment, you will integrate research you've found into your written project. Be sure to follow the specific guidelines given to you by your instructor (either in class or in the area below).

For your final paper project in EN251, you will be writing a medium-length literary analysis incorporating research sources.


For your final paper, you will analyze a work of literature from the choices below using the literary theory connections to psychology or feminist theory we've explored this term. You may focus solely on psychology, solely on feminist theory, or you may incorporate aspects of both.


Your final paper will be 6-8 double-spaced, 12-pt font pages, with 1" margins on all sides (APA format required). You do not need to provide an abstract for your paper, but you will need both a title page and a References page (neither of these two pages count toward the 6-8 page length requirement). Use a traditional organizational structure with introduction, stance-driven thesis with essay map, body paragraphs that relate back to subpoints in the thesis essay map, and a strong conclusion.


You will need to find at least 3 scholarly, peer-reviewed sources to use in your paper. You may include more. This means you will need to spend ample time exploring the Herzing University Online library databases for the best resources you can find. Find contact information and availability for the Herzing University Librarians on the Library Tab in Blackboard. You may supplement your peer-reviewed, scholarly sources with up to two web sources if you like (be sure to evaluate the web sources to make sure they are not biased or presenting misinformation).

H.P. Lovecraft "The Outsider" (357)
Dashiell Hammett "One Hour" (362)
David Henry Hwang, "The Sound of a Voice" (1689)
James Baldwin, "Sonny's Blues" (49-69)
Tenessee Williams, "The Glass Menagerie" (1606)
Brighde Mullins, "Click" (1713)

It goes without saying that for your final paper in this course, you should be incorporating your sources fairly and ethically--be a writer of integrity.

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