Why should suburbs be mandated to rewrite zoning laws


Many poor and working-class families dream of living in the suburbs, believing their children will have the opportunity to attend better schools, will have acess to non-dead end jobs, and to escape from the from the looming threat of urban violence.

Consequently, their children will have a better chance of being sucessful in life. However, many suburbanties balk at the prospect of government-subsidized housing in their neighborhoods they fear that when poor people move next door crime, drugs, blight, bad public schools and higher taxes inevitably follow they worry that the value of their homes will fall and the image of their town will suffer.

Prepare a 2 page paper that addresses the following:

1. Does you neighborhood shape who you are?

2. Explain would you be a different person if you grew up someplace else? Explain?

3. Should suburbs be mandated to rewrite their zoning laws and allow a fair share of affordable housing? Why or why not? APA format also a plagiarism sheet. also cited and last of cited sources!

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Business Law and Ethics: Why should suburbs be mandated to rewrite zoning laws
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