Why is obesity such a controversial issue nowadays when we

Why is obesity such a controversial issue nowadays? When we face this question it always comes to our mind that people lifestyle is high diet, athletes, and healthy life. But in reality, obesity is generally caused by eating too much and moving less. If you consume large amounts of energy from your diet, especially of fats and sugars, but do not burn energy through exercise and physical activity, and a lot of excess energy is then stored in the body as fat. Therefore, poor diet, physical inactivity, and medical reasons are the cause of obesity nowadays.

The first reason of obesity nowadays is a poor diet. It does not happen overnight obesity. They progressively evolve over time, as a result of poor diet and lifestyle choices, such as: eating too much fast food, drinking too much alcohol, eating a cooked frozen food. People don't understand that how the fast food is so bad to their body. And what can cause from eating fast food a lot of results that can effect their body. Unhealthy eating habits tend to run in gathering with your friend, as you learn eating habits from your friends when you are teens and continue them into puberty.

Physical inactivity is another important factor related to obesity. If you just eating a fast food and you don't move or walk for 30 minutes in a day, you will only gain a weight. If you are an adult and you easily gain a weight, you have at least walk 3 times in a week for 50 minutes to improve your weight loss and your health too. If you are trying to lose weight, you might need more than 50 minutes, you may need more time on exercise than just walk. Not only that but also follow a certain diet that helps you too, to lose a weight. A special diet and physical activity will improve your gain weight.

Medical reasons are the other reason for obesity nowadays. In some case, certain medicine can be the main reason for obesity such as diabetes, acne, and asthma. And some medications used to treat mental illness including antidepressants and medicines for schizophrenia - can contribute to weight gain. Also, stopping smoking can be a side effect gain weight. In this case, you can only care about your health first, then look for weight in order to keep track on both side. 

In conclusion, if you don't use a special diet, if you don't exercise and if you let the medications effect on your health, you will gain a weight so easily and faster than you think. You should be aware of your weight due to this reasons.

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