Why games should be a child care curriculum



Do you think children should be praised everytime they do what they are supposed to be doing? Do you think this helps or hurts the child? This article is a researched opinion that flies in the face of what most of us think. The article is exciting and while well documented, a new concept for many of us.

This assignment fulfills

Module Outcome 1: You will have discussed why games should be part of a child care curriculum.

Course Outcome 3: You will have practiced effective communication skills and appropriate guidance strategies that promote a child's self-esteem and development of self-control.

General Education Competency 1: You will have communicated effectively using the conventions of American Standard English in professional and academic environments.

The Assignment

Summarize the following article by answering the three questions listed below. Each question should have an answer that has a minimum of 7 sentences.

  • What is the main focus of the article?
  • What are three strategies that are discussed in the article?
  • How will you implement the strategies/ideas (from the article) when working with children?


Five Reasons to Stop Saying "Good Job!"

By Alfie Kohn

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Business Law and Ethics: Why games should be a child care curriculum
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