Why does hard rock cafe have a long waiting list of people


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Based on the video and operational management

Q1. Why does Hard Rock Café have such a long waiting list of people who want to work for the company? Why is the turnover rate half that of the industry norm?

Q2. Discuss what Hard Rock offers employees that seems to exceed the norm for most other restaurants. In addition, what do you think about the allowance (and sometimes encouragement) of "rocker" appearances of employees where tattoos and piercing may be omnipresent? Disneyworld allows none of that-forcing employees to sport the clean-cut "Disney look." Do both strategies make sense for these two separate service firms? Is either strategy unfair or offensive to employees or customers?

Q3. Finally, employees are hired at Hard Rock to create an authentic and memorable experience for customers. Succeeding in this endeavor requires a constant infusion of energy and enthusiasm from the workers. How can such work attitudes be determined in the interview process? And how can they be maintained after months and months of doing the same job?

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HR Management: Why does hard rock cafe have a long waiting list of people
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