Who goes who stays case study

Case Study:

Evaluation of Team Building Techniques

Team leadership theory enhances the quality of the organization through employee participation, realizing every individual on the team has leadership potential. This model motivates people within the team to work towards a common goal while maintaining the best interests of the organization, the team, and the people it serves as a focal point when making decisions.

With this is mind and after reading the case study below, complete the following:

Case Study: Read Who Goes, Who Stays

  • Determine what your needs are for this case study in terms of human capital. List the members (job titles) of this project management team as well as the functional management team that will be involved in the overall success of the project.
  • What are the roles and functions of each team member you identified that are involved on both teams: project management team and functional management team?

Kindly read the case study enclosed here:

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Project Management: Who goes who stays case study
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