Whether trump is accurate in saying unemployment accurately


Meets Requirements of the Assignment, Presented Professionally (Yes/No): 60 percent

Part 1: Two paragraphs are required (about 200 words)
Part 2: Two Tables are required, professionally displayed
Part 3: One paragraph (about 100 words) and 1 FRED Graph is required

Writing Intense Only: One page on whether Trump is accurate in saying unemployment is around 42%.

Communicates information efficiently AND accurately: 40 percent

Make sure you have your name, a title for this deliverable, and the date at the top of your work. Add section titles to separate the different parts of the assignment. This should look professional.

Did you answer the questions correctly?

Do you begin paragraphs with useful 1st sentences (i.e. to the point, summarize the paragraph, introduce the main points)?

Does your writing have substance?

DO NOT use the words "I", "we", or "you". Instead talk about what rates are doing or what researchers are saying about your topic. I want you to write in the 3rd person, active voice.

DO NOT start sentences with non-specific words: These, This, That, There.

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Other Management: Whether trump is accurate in saying unemployment accurately
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