Where is the ozone layer located

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• Where is the "ozone layer" located? Describe how and why stratospheric ozone is beneficial for people, whereas tropospheric ozone is harmful.

• Describe a thermal inversion. Explain how inversions contribute to severe smog episodes such as the ones in London and in Donora, Pennsylvania.

• How does a primary pollutant differ from a secondary pollutant? Give an example of each.

• Why are the effects of acid deposition often felt in areas far from where the primary pollutants are produced? List three impacts of acid deposition.

• Why is carbon dioxide considered the main greenhouse gas? Why are carbon dioxide concentrations increasing in the atmosphere?

• List three major trends in climate that scientists have documented so far. Now list three future trends that they predict, along with their potential consequences.

• What are the largest two sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States? How can we reduce these emissions?

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Science: Where is the ozone layer located
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