Where do most americans get their news according to the

Answer the following Questions

1. Where do most Americans get their news (according to the information provided in the textbook)?

2. Where do most Millennials get their news from?

3. Everyone believes that the media are biased in some ways. Describe three biases of the media (as provided by the authors). Can you think of any other ways the media may be biased?

4. How are US media different from other countries?

5. Pick a story in the New York Times or The Washington Post and compare the coverage with two other sources from other outlets.

They can be politically different (Fox News, etc.) or from another country (BBC News, or any other foreign publication).

What differences, or similarities do you notice? Please explain.

Text book by the people debating american government

Brief third edition by james a. morone rogan kersh

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History: Where do most americans get their news according to the
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