Where are thery and what are they doing now

Marketing Research Paper

Written Report, Time New Roman, 12 font, double space, about 10 pages.

"Line Corporation" https://linecorp.com/en/company/info

Include the following information in your mid-term report:

A: Name and description of company/organization for which strategic plan is being developed.

B: Description of product, service, for which you will develop a marketing, PR or Branding plan.

C: Brand Case Analysis: Where are thery and what are they doing now: consumer needs and desires they try to satisfy, marketing and PR strategies, other sepecific strategies they used to build their branding. What they are good at, why those worked or not worked, and what needs to be improved. Use specific facts and examples to support your analysis.

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Marketing Management: Where are thery and what are they doing now
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