When we have soccer games or track meets we are without any

In a memo to the college president, the athletic director argues for a new stadium scoreboard. One paragraph will describe the old scoreboard and why it needs to be replaced. Study the following list of ideas for that paragraph.

1. The old scoreboard is a tired warhorse that was originally constructed in the 1970s.

2. It is now hard to find replacement parts when something breaks.

3. The old scoreboard is not energy efficient.

4. Coca-Cola has offered to buy a new sports scoreboard in return for exclusive rights to sell soda pop on campus.

5. The old scoreboard should be replaced for many reasons.

6. It shows only scores for football games.

7. When we have soccer games or track meets, we are without any functioning scoreboard.

1. Which sentence should be the topic sentence?

2. Which sentence(s) should be developed in a separate paragraph?

3. Which sentences should become support sentences?

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Marketing Management: When we have soccer games or track meets we are without any
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