When did the mass production of opium start in afghanistan


How has the US contributed to the increase in poppy production in Afghanistan? At least 2 examples

What is the story of Darya? Who is she and what happened to her?

How would legalizing drugs change the situation in Afghanistan?

What have been the benefits of the drug trade to the Afghan people?

What has been the Taliban's position in regard to opium?


What did Fariba do when she arrived in Herat Afghanistan as an adult?

What is the Durand Line? Do contemporary Afghan leaders recognize it?

What is the relationship between Ronald Reagan, Charlie Wilson and Osama bin Laden?


Explain how the US government was involved in the distribution and addiction of heroin.

Who had God, Guns and Opium but no real education or experience running a country?

Who is Mr Jawan?


What happened 2 days before Sept 11, 2001. What was Bin Laden's role?

At this time, what do most Afghans think of Americans?

What are the results of the US sanctioned government in November?

PART 4 and 11

How do Fariba's parents react when they come, on separate visits to Afghanistan after so long away?


What is the Loya Jirga? Who finally gets elected and why?

How has Ghoryan been affected by opium?


Why do couriers wives and children often become "opium brides"?

Why does saber not want his wife to go to school?

Who encouraged and taught the men to grow poppies and become couriers?

Why did the Taliban ban opium in 2000?

Who has Darya been sold too? Age difference?


What is Gandomi's story?

The average life span in Afghanistan?


What is the Nikah?


What is the unemployment rate in Afghanistan?

In the production of heroin what is processed in Afghanistan?

What types of businesses do the drug merchants use to launder opium cash?

What did the Taliban teach here cab driver Jalal to do?

What happens to families who grow poppies and don't give the government a cut?


What is Parween's story?

What was the result of the Bonn agreement? What did the British actually do?

What resulted with the US company Dyncorp eradcation?

What other products can be made from poppies?

Of the $4 billion generated from illicit drugs in Afghanistan what do farmers receive? And the traffickers, drug kingpins and political connections?


When did the mass production of opium start in Afghanistan?

How do Afghans feel about the US now?


From 2005-2010 what has been the increase in opium addiction and heroin use in Afghanistan?

Which country is the biggest consumer of Afghan opiates? Who has the highest ration of addiction per capita?

Which country leads the world in the number of drug addicts? Which drug is the most popular?

What percent of US heroin comes from Afghanistan?

How are American soldiers and contractors getting addicted and what does the military do when they find out?


Why does the police force need women officers?

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