What would be some steps to change the organizations culture


1. The following is a list of Micro and Macro Environmental factors that can influence a healthcare organization. Thinking about this from the perspective of a leader of a healthcare organization, identify which of the 3 parts of the Triple Aim or Iron Triangle (Cost, Quality, and Access) could be impacted by this Environmental Factor and why, and what impact it would have on your leadership/organization.

For example: Universal Healthcare (insurance for all) impacts Access - more patients will be able to access your healthcare organization than before, thus increasing demand of healthcare services. As a leader, you will need to determine how to allocate resources to better serve more people and triage patients more efficiently.

Partial credit will be given.

Ebola Virus Epidemic in your community
A Recession in the Economy
Competition from a neighboring hospital
Telehealth technologies becoming cheaper and more available

Development of a new website that makes clinical outcomes of all hospitals in your county available to patient and the community

2. Provide one example of why a leader might want to change an organization's culture. What would be some steps to change the organization's culture? Please answer both questions for full credit.

3. Choose one Situational or Contingency Leadership Phase Model. Provide an overview of the model, and an example of how a leader might use this model in a specific situation in healthcare. Please answer both questions for full credit.

4. Explain the Parity of Healthcare, in your own words. Provide an example of when a healthcare leader might come across this Parity model while leading a department or organization. Please answer both parts of the question for full credit.

5. You are a leader/administrator foran emergency department in a rural town. What is one measure of efficiency that you could use as a measure of productivity?

The response should include a reference list. Double-space, using Times New Roman 12 pnt font, one-inch margins, and APA style of writing and citations.

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