What will the body paragraphs look like and why


Forum: Structuring Essay #3

Forum Goal: Create an outline to help you structure the third and final essay, and include a reference from the APUS library

As we did in before, in Week 7's Forum, we will be structuring your next essay, Essay 3. In Week 6, like before, you chose a topic for your final essay. You wrote about the topic, and you should have received feedback from your classmates regarding their ideas for improvement.

You'll use the same sort of structure that you did for Essay 1 and 2. We've now used Roman numerals for each major point before; then, you use a, b, and c (and more, if you like...but be sure to use plenty of detail while not going over the word count) to show how you will explain your point in the cause and effect essay.

What will the body paragraphs look like, and why? As before, use this opportunity to explore the library to see what information you plan to use and cite what you find. Include one reference in proper MLA format that you have found from the APUS Library to support your topic.

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Other Management: What will the body paragraphs look like and why
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