What will be the nominal stress around the window - what

After studying the presentation, calculating and writing out answers to questions, and posting and replying to classmates, submit a report on the third topic.

Report Criteria:
Use the four designs in Figure 6, on The Safety of Aircraft Windows discussions page, and analyze the stress distribution around that feature. Assume the material is an aluminum alloy of:


Assume the σ max = 240 MPa is the operating stress that must not be exceeded. If each of the four windows will have the stress facto 'K' as that value, what will be the nominal stress around the window? Use Figure 7, on the The Safety of Aircraft Windows discussions page, as the relaxation ratio for all windows and determine how far away the windows must be to ensure the nominal stress level is reached.
Your aircraft shall show the estimate of the what and where the maximum stress will be on that window; estimate dimensions.

Assume the height of each of the windows in Figure 6 is 350 mm. State any other assumptions you use.

Comment on one of the following designs:
- Why the B 787 windows are larger than conventional aircraft
- What window designs do they use on the Virgin Galactic or
- The windows used on the Apollo 11 Capsule

This is for reports due in Modules 3, 6, 8, and 9:
There are four reports due in this course that follow the bulleted criteria, three associated with discussion activities and a final report.
- Front cover with name and detail of work
- Introduction
- Subsections
- A summary
- Appendices (if needed)
- References must be in current APA format
- Times New Roman - 12 point font and double lined space
- Minimum of 2,200 words (for the final report including calculations)

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