What two styles influenced tuscan painters

1. Why did the city of Florence decide to undertake the major projects of rebuilding their cathedral and baptistery? 

2. Why was the Palazzo dell Signora built? What did it later become known as? 

3. What two styles influenced Tuscan painters? 

4. What two painters created a revolutionary synthesis of these styles? 

5. Why are Giotto's paintings in the Arena Chapel in Padua are considered to be innovative? 

6. Siena and Florence experienced periods of political stability and economic expansion in the early 14th century. What series of catastrophes occurred in the 1340s to disrupt this? 

7. How was the Venetian palace architecture different from that of Florence? 

8. What circumstances led to the development of the International Gothic Style? 
What kind of artistic revolution began in the cities of Flanders? 

9. Northern painters often used everyday objects to carry symbolic meaning. How did the symbolism in Bosch's "The Garden of Earthly Delights" differ from other artists?  

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