What stereotypes or prejudices do you have

Your paper should be 7-10 pages long.

You must Be sure to use headings for each individual topic.

You will be required in your paper to develop a framework for analyzing and understanding a specific culture or co-culture by examining these characteristics: Language Folktales Values Nonverbal communications styles Government Education Healthcare Business This is What You Should do in Your Paper:

1. Choose a culture or co-culture that is unfamiliar to you, but one in which you can closely observe and research. Then describe these characteristics of that culture in detail.

2. After you have described the culture, response these questions:

What stereotypes or prejudices do you have about this culture before you began the project? How are the culture's values similar and dissimilar to your own? What preconceived ideas that you had about the culture were wrong? What steps would you take in the workplace to be effective in communicating with the people of this culture?

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