What problems would you anticipate with the union



For your final project, you need to write a 10-15 page proposal to me, the Chairman of the Board for Pharmanetix. Here are some helpful hints when writing this proposal:

1. Do not spend 1-2 pages regurgitating what the existing problems are. As Chairman of the Board, I know what they are. If you wish to use the first paragraph to capsulate the issues, that is fine!

2. Do not write the proposal by simply writing the Question and then your answer. Remember, proposals have to touch on all topics or questions raised and flow into one another.

3. When drafting, draw upon what we learned and your past experiences.

4. You can draft the proposal by following up your introduction with the following:

I. Employee Morale

"I would like to address once crucial issue at Pharmanetix and that is morale......"

• Class - this will allow you to touch on bigger topics while combining other smaller ones.

The following is a guide to help you through the questions.

1. How are you going to gauge current employee morale? - one of the first crucial areas of responsibility as the new HR Director is to gauge employee morale. So how does one do that? You need to reflect back to classes where we discussed communicating to understand your employees. In the Communications Class we discussed two different kinds of Employee Surveys. We could also devise methods such as management and employee meetings to gain feedback and the like.

2. But what means and forms of communication are you going to rely on? - This relates directly to the Communication Class. Look back at the forms and methods of communication and make the choices that you deem most appropriate.

3. How would you gauge the management style employed throughout Pharmanetix? - Similar to how you gauge employee morale in terms of communicating and getting feedback that is vital for you to understand how current management thinks. You can definitely speak with employees, but put yourself in the situation and decide how best to ascertain this information. Speaking with employees is always an effective method too.

4. How should the company address the changing of testing procedures with employees? - This is one of the most crucial questions to tackle as it will directly affect human relations in the workplace. Remember, this is what employees liked most is that the testing had always been clinical and now on live subjects. Won't sit well with employees. How do you handle that? What do you tell them?

5. How do you handle the layoff? Directly and indirectly? Indirectly means how do you handle the existing workforce after the layoff. - Direct layoffs are those that you terminate and the indirect are those that are not laid off, remain in the workplace but are worried. Use empathy...what are they worried about? What scares them? Why would they leave? Use these in your answers!

6. What problems would you anticipate with the union? - Remember I said you do not need to be an expert in labor relations. Think logically about what is occurring, where is the union present and what would they say about it? How then do you pre-empt any issue with them or how do you communicate with the union and what do you say?

7. What new programs would you recommend to increase the quality of work life for the employees? - Look at the programs that we just discussed and are in the presentation. Note - I would not recommend all. Remember Pharmanetix is trying to be fiscally sound. What makes sense?

8. Examine the reasons for turnover and what is the most cost efficient method(s) to resolving it. - Why are people leaving Pharmanetix? How do we prevent it?

9. What are the laws that we must be aware of? - Look back to the Legalities presentation. You did not need to be an expert in Employment Laws but there are some that are more pertinent than others. One law that is crucial would be the WARN Act. Think of some others that are important and why. Be careful when you quote the law. Make sure you have it right!

10. How would you coach and counsel employees to see the big picture? - What would you do and say!

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HR Management: What problems would you anticipate with the union
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