What made tycos stock price fall initially

Problem: Recent corporate scandals prove that the lessons of previous scandals have not yet been learned. As Jennings (2012) relates, "management still blames rogue employees, and pundits still blame business schools. Most companies would rather not touch the real cause: pressures that push management to test the boundaries of the permissible" (p. 164). As a result, some executives are inevitably confronted with more temptation to do the wrong thing, and more opportunity to do it, than they can resist.

Can you please help with notes and thoughts in addressing the following about Tyco International?

How did Tyco's initial problems establish this connection as a very real one for the U.S. markets?

What made Tyco's stock price fall initially?

How do you think the spending and the loans were able to go on for so long?

What questions could Mr. Kozlowski and Mr. Swartz have asked themselves to better evaluate their conduct?

Formulate a list of the lines Mr. Kozlowski crossed in his tenure as CEO.

Is it difficult for us to see ethical breaches that we ourselves commit?

Your answers should not simply be your opinion. For each response, support your thoughts with scholarly research that you can cite in order to validate your answer.

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Other Management: What made tycos stock price fall initially
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