What level of output maximizes profit or minimizes loss

Assignment: Oligopoly and Monopolistically Competitive Firms

In this Assignment, you will compute total cost, total revenue, and total profit/loss. Based on the computed results, you will determine the optimal quantity of output, which minimizes loss under a monopolistically competitive market. In addition, you will also evaluate the marketing strategies of oligopoly market firms.

Instructions: Answer all of the following questions. You are required to follow proper APA format. Read the Criteria section below for more information before you begin this Assignment.

1.Do the firms in an oligopoly act independently or interdependently? Explain your answer.

2. A monopolistically competitive firm has the following demand and cost structure in the short run.

              Output          Price            FC               VC            TC               TR          Profit/Loss

                     0                $90             $90          $    0            ____           ____          ________

                     1                  80            ____             40            ____           ____          ________

                     2                  70            ____             80            ____           ____          ________

                     3                  60            ____           140            ____           ____          ________

                     4                  50            ____           220            ____           ____          ________

                     5                  40            ____           320            ____           ____          ________

                     6                  30            ____           440            ____           ____          ________

                     7                  20            ____           580            ____           ____          ________


a. Complete the table.

b. What level of output maximizes profit or minimizes loss?

c. Should this firm operate or shut down in the short run? Why?

3. Suppose that Wal-World and Tarbo are independently deciding whether to implement a new bar code technology or use the existing bar code. It is less costly for their suppliers to use one system and the following payoff matrix shows the profits per year for each company resulting from the interaction of their strategies.

a. Does Wal-World have a dominant strategy? Briefly explain.

b. Does Tarbo have a dominant strategy? Briefly explain.

c. Is there a Nash Equilibrium in this game? Briefly explain.

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Microeconomics: What level of output maximizes profit or minimizes loss
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