What is urban bias as one of factors for rapid urbanization


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1) Please answer any 2 of the following 4 questions asked from the section of Urbanization and Rural-Urban Migration of Economic Development. In order to obtain credible scores in this forum, you must provide proper citations and their corresponding references of reading materials in your contents of answers. You are also required to respond to at least one of your cohort's posting in this forum.

1. Provide a list of positive and negative externalities of rapid urbanization in major cities in developing countries with their sources of externalities. Also provided real world case study example in your answer.

2. What is urban bias as one of the key factors for rapid urbanization? Giving an case study example, briefly provide a few viable recommendations to address the problem of urban bias.

3. Critically and briefly describe the importance of growing urban slums with its pros and cons in the context of real world economic development in major cities in developing countries. As an economic adviser, what would be your list recommendations to address the problems of urban slums. Provide example of case study in the real world of economic development.

4. What are the key sources of urban congestions and their effects on urban lives in the context of health and sustainability? As a part of solution suggested by many economists and policy experts suggested to significantly reduced the cars driving to cities. Why do you think that the limiting the cars to the metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities would be extremely difficult by city authorities in near future?

2) Comment on the responsibilities of Developing, and Developed countries with respect to climate change and its impact on the economy, and human capital....or...Can we figure a way to survive as long as the dinosaurs did (165 million years)?...sort of the same question.

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Macroeconomics: What is urban bias as one of factors for rapid urbanization
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