What is the main theme-topic of the article

Business Article Review.

a. Find an article related to your interests in a business periodical such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, BloombergBusinessweek, New York Times, The Economist, etc. Do not search through online links in health, fashion, auto, sports, etc. You can write about these and other stories but the article must come from a traditional business periodical. Last minute onlinesearches will not work well for this assignment as there is usually not enough information to answer all four questions well.

b. Write a 3-page paper in response to the following questions:

1. What is the main theme/topic of the article and why is it important to managers?

2. As a manager, how would you implement or use what you've learned from this article once you are working in the "real world?" Would this even work in the real world?

3. Do you agree with everything in this article? If so, why? If not, what would you change?

4. How does the subject matter in this article tie in with at least three topics or concepts that are discussed in the textbook? Define each concept and explain why these ideas, strategies, etc., best illustrate the term or concept. Elaborate or talk about this aspect. Simply mentioning the term or concept is not sufficient. Define and discuss it.

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Marketing Management: What is the main theme-topic of the article
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