What is the initial mass of liquid water

Frictionless piston in a cylinder with 0.2 kg H2O under it. If piston raises to a given height, the piston will hit stops. Initial temp= 70 deg C, Initial Volume= 0.1 m^3, the H2O will be slowly heated until it reaches 300 deg C.

piston/cylinder with stops

0.2 kg water

T(1)=70 deg

V(1)=0.1 m^3

will be heated to 300 deg C

a) What is the initial mass of LIQUID water?

b)If piston hits stops, what is its temp and pressure, at that instant? If it does not hit the stops, what is the final volume?

c)What is the final pressure?

d)What is the total work and heat (w &q)for the problem?

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Mechanical Engineering: What is the initial mass of liquid water
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