What is the impact of wal-mart com on customer


This is your assignment #2...Your essay questions should be answered in a short essay format form, no less than a full page of writing content per question, at least 300 words minimum. (each question is worth 5 points). It is important that you reference your work a) reference page, b) reference your writing content/in-text, c) use (APA Style of Writing).

Case Study: "Wal-Mart"

1) What is the impact of Wal-Mart.com on customer borne transactional costs?

2) Do you think that Wal-Mart.com is likely to create additional value"?

3) Should Wal-Mart have pursued e-commerce more aggressively sooner?

4) What do you think the potential impact of Wal-Mart.com will be on the company's efforts to expand internationally?

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Microeconomics: What is the impact of wal-mart com on customer
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