What is the gdp of the country


Directions: Using a minimum of TWO resources (Wikipedia.com is NOT AN OPTION), write a 1 to 2 page paper in APA format discuss the following. Please use proper APA citation when using any source including the textbook. Please visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for concise APA guidelines.

Market Entry Strategy Project

Select a country that interests you. Identify if it is a relatively mature market or an emerging market. Develop a Market Intelligence Report for the country by answering the following questions:

1. What is the GDP of the country? What is its per capita income?

2. What are the primary exports and imports?

3. Who are the country's primary trading partners?

4. What countries are the primary suppliers of foreign direct investment to the country?

5. What type of legal system does the country have?

6. What types of political risk do they face?

7. What is the primary language and religion?

8. Using Hofstede's framework, describe the culture of the country.

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Your paper will be graded on your answers, the way your support your answers, the use of outside resources, and how you comply with the APA format and style.

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Microeconomics: What is the gdp of the country
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