What is the eggshell skull rule


These are questions gotten from a busines law course. the name of the textbook is "law for business students" 6th ed by alix adams. you can the find the question in quiz 14. pls help find an expert in this field to give detailed answers. pls ignore anyone you dunt hav the right answers for rather than giving a wrong answer

1. May a duty of care exist in the following circumstances?

(a) To Ruby, who was wrongly advised by Turquoise on the value of her antique clock?

(b) To Sapphire, by Beryl Electrical Appliances, the manufacturer of an electric kettle which was given to her for Christmas and which did not work?

(c) To Emerald, who witnesses a horrific accident caused by Diamond in which Emerald's daughter Crystal was killed?

(d) To Amber, who suffered theft from her premises; the thieves gained access to her premises through a hole in the next-door fence which belongs to Garnet?

2. What is the relevant standard of care against which the defendant will be judged in a negligence action?

3. What is the eggshell skull rule?

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