What is the broad geographic pattern of modernization

The Ramayana

One of this topics must be represented in the research paper:

1. Describe the geography of the area of India where the actual, historical Rama lived. What different ethnic groups lived in this area?

2. Discuss the relationship of the god Shiva to both the Himalaya Mountains and to the lower area of the Ganges Valley. Why were the mountains especially suitable for contemplation and withdrawal? How does the Ganges River unite the mountains and the lowlands?

3. Discuss the irrigated agriculture of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro in early Indian civilization. What kind of a social order was built on the basis of this irrigation?

4. What are some broad differences between the culture of northern and southern India between the Aryans of northern India, particularly Bihar, and the Dravidians of southern India, particularly Kerala? How does the geography of the two areas affect culture? Try to find broad differences in the situation of women in the two areas.

5. What parts of India especially revere Rama? What parts like Krishna themost? What parts are most devoted to Shiva? What geographic factors are associated with preferences for one or another of these gods?

6. What is the broad geographic pattern of modernization versus traditionalism in India today? Which areas of India have the highest standard of living? Which have the best education? Does education and income overlap perfectly?

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History: What is the broad geographic pattern of modernization
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