What is the background of the current market

Company to choose: Apple

Assignment 1

Strategic positioning is an integral aspect of the potential success of a company. Review the resources regarding Kellogg's (Who Killed Tony the Tiger? How Kellogg Lost Breakfast and Will Kellogg's Cereal Sales Ever Return to Normal?), and consider the different elements that have played a role in the company's current position, such as competition and industry trends. Then reflect upon your chosen company and post information on the following:

• What is the background of the current market?

• What are the most significant sources of competition for this company?

• What are the significant industry trends that could impact your company?

• Provide a brief synopsis of the overall market and key segments.
In response to at least two of your peers, discuss trends that may affect their chosen companies and possible impacts on their branding image and business success.

Assignment 2

Jazzercise has long been associated with 1980s aerobics. In early 2015, the company launched a rebranding campaign. Review Chapter 2 in the text and the resources for Jazzercise, then address the importance of the following:

• Corporate mission and rebranding alignment with it

• Defining features of the product/service

• Current competitors

• How the company is differentiating itself from competition?

• What is your substantiated opinion of the potential rebrand effectiveness?
This discussion will inform your effort in Milestone One, due in Module Three.

In your responses to at least two of your peers, discuss consumer trends that may impact this business or the industry and brand's new image.

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Marketing Management: What is the background of the current market
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