What is interpretation of the educational systems


For the purpose of this term paper you are to choose two educational systems from two different countries and compare and contrast them.


Cover page: the template for this paper is posted on Moodle

Abstract: a brief overview of the paper and its purpose (no more than 1 paragraph) 5 to 7 page body:

o Introduce, give a historical background of each educational system o Go into details of each educational system individually

o Consider, what was the rationale for each system?

o Consider,who were the pioneers?

o Consider, were there key theorists who helped build the educational system? o Consider, how does the system work? How are children adapting?

o Compare and contrast the education systems. How are they similar? How do they differ?

o Give important facts, evidence, details

o Finally, what is your own interpretation of the educational systems? Give you analysis and opinion.

Conclusion: summary of your paper

Reference Page: List your references using APA format

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Business Law and Ethics: What is interpretation of the educational systems
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