What is government in the sunshine


1. What is Government in the Sunshine and how does it relates to the Freedom of Information Acts?

2. What is a "Bureaucracy"? What is the positive and negative connotations of a governmental body that utilizes a bureaucracy? Give at let two examples.

3. What are the three ways in which the government as an employer can legally affect or limit a public administrator's exercise of perceived rights or liberties? Give at least one example of each.

4. What are the three basic conflicts of interestthat impact the public employee's behavior while working for the public? Give at least one example of each.

5. What is "The Doctrine of Unconstitutional Conditions"? How does it impact on the individual rights of the public worker? Give at least two examples.

6. What is the problem with discrimination? Is there legal protection for folks who are being discriminated on the job whether it's a public position or a private organization? Give examples

7. What is lobbying in the United States? And what does it mean when lobbying goes under-ground? Is it legal? Give examples.


1. Who is Jack Abramoff? What is his claim to fame in the political world? Explain.

2. How is Administrative Law viewedas the Law of Connections? Explain and give at least two examples.

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