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The term Ethics has an iron clad meaning but, when in practicality, its meaning becomes ambiguous as they tend to change from each individuals perception, opportunity and stand-point. Ethics can be defined as moral principles that define and govern a person's behavior. Any work done by an individual to any organization should be ethical. John Hooker (2003), opines that if something is not ethical, one should not do it. Some of the unethical things can do are stealing, expense account padding, falsifying log sheets or reports etc.

A whistle blower is the name given to a person who reports or brings into the notice of the management about an unethical activity done by a person or a group of people with a general intention of welfare and concern towards the organization. Generally, co-workers of that person see that act as a break of trust, hence the name and the company sees it as an act of commitment and responsibility. According to Premlata and Anshika Agarwal (2014), whistle blowing can be effective only when it is followed seriously and sincerely but not for personal gain or to satisfy ones grudge on the other person.

I once had an experience with a person who is prone to steal from our employer who being an innocent and trusting man, had no clue of this whatsoever. The guy had exploited the trust of our employer and used it for his personal gain. When the bitter truth came out eventually, the employer started having trust issues and that somehow affect the whole work place dynamic. If only the former person was ethical, or if I had been a whistle blower, which I could not do because of my closeness to the said person, that workplace would not have been difficult.


John Hooker (2003), Why Business Ethics?


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Business Management: What is business ethics
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