What is a positioning strategy


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1. Describe the essential difference between an industry analysis and a market analysis. In what section of an ad plan are they typically included? What are the other considerations for an advertiser that should be part of this section? Where does the competitor analysis come in?

2. Why is the objectives section of an advertising plan so important to an advertiser? Name at least three of the objectives described in the text. For each objective, list one important consideration for advertisers.

3. What is a value proposition? Explain why it is useful-even critical-to an organization, to its brand, to its team, and to its target audience.

4. What is a positioning strategy? Explain the the Bahr-InterBrand positioning opportunity method

5. Think about a product that you have used in the past week. Using this as an example, explain the differences between segmenting, targeting, and positioning in the STP approach to marketing.

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Other Management: What is a positioning strategy
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