What impact does the article have on the marketplace

Discussion: Pricing-One of the 4 P's

Being up to date with current events is an important part of becoming a business professional. In marketing, it is part of an important responsibility to continuously scan the external environment for opportunities and threats. Execute the following steps to successfully complete this Discussion on the pricing component of the marketing mix:

Step 1:

Choose a current events article on pricing from the KU Online Library or from:

• Learn the 4 P's©: http://www.learnthe4ps.com/category/price/

Step 2:

Cover the following topics in your Discussion answer in essay format:

• Discuss the key purpose of the article in relation to the pricing component of the Marketing Mix.

• Identify two pricing concepts that you learned from reading this article.

• From the perspective of a consumer, what impact might the pricing concepts in the article have on the buying decisions of consumers?

• How might this information on pricing affect you personally?

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Marketing Management: What impact does the article have on the marketplace
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