What factors should be considered as we formulate our

Consider the Arab Spring that began at the end of 2010:

(1) What factors should be considered as we formulate our foreign policy response to the Arab Spring?

The factors that should be considered to the foreign policy response to the Arab Spring are to regain the diplomatic relationship amongst the Arab Spring nations and secure them the support from the United States and other countries including Asian countries such as China which does not have the same democratic values as the United States. Allen Keiswetter of the Middle East Institute stated that President Obama current foreign policy of the Arab Spring is not a cookie cutter type policy. That following his predecessor's policies alone will not feel the voids that must be filled in order to have a stable Middle East (Keiswetter, 2012). It is important that America continues to support the core interests in the region: "countering terrorism and stopping the spread of nuclear weapons; securing the free flow of commerce and safe-guarding the security of the region; standing up for Israel's security and pursuing Arab-Israeli peace" (Keiswetter, 2012). The Arab spring is a chaining environment that must be controlled by foreign policies in order to sustain the up rise of democracy. However, creating a diplomatic policy to feel the voids of the current policy must also be supported by other countries by means of monetary value or military power assistance. The United States alone should not be the sole responsible party of the Arab Spring. Another factor that should be considered ae the U.S formulates a response is to what extent the U.S should contemplate military intervention in bloody and deteriorating situations.

(2) What conditions should be present to support military intervention?

There many conditions that should be presented in order to have a military intervention. The main reason why military intervention should be considered is when military interventions needs to defend U.S national security interest (Hillen, 2006). The U.S military is being stretched out to much and no longer should sustain support for those countries that hold no national interest at all such as Somalia. And more importantly as Hillen stated "military interventions should be conducted to accomplish clearly definable military goals that are militarily achievable, consistent with overriding political objectives, and supported by enough force to achieve these goals" (Hillen, 2006). This are just a few conditions that must be identified by the political groups in order to maintain a successful mission. On the military side it's important that the military be given operational freedom in order to succeed.

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