What does the room look-feel-sound-smell like


Can someone helps me with this HW? Please use Word file For extra credit points, attend a local literary event. This may feature a poet, fiction writer, or a personal memoir author (or an open mic lineup of more than one author). If you are not sure if the event you choose is acceptable for the e.c. option, ask the instructor.


Describe the space/menu/people in the event. Use at least two sensory details about people. You may follow the sample live review as a model, but you may create your own design for the review. What does the room look/feel/sound/smell like? What are the people like? At the end of the first paragraph, include an evaluative statement that will function as your thesis statement.

It is a summary: was the event positive, negative, or mixed, in your estimation?

In the second paragraph, describe the author's work as best you can.

Your review must contain one quote from the reading, which you may jot down at the time. You must also include YOUR RESPONSE to the rest of the writer's presented work: What was notable, worthwhile to you? What was not? Why?

How did it impact you? You should also include your response to other parts of the author's work. Did you like or dislike it, and, in brief, why or why not? You may also note the audience's response to the writer's work.

If there are more/added components to the reading, you can describe this in the third or fourth paragraph.

Your final paragraph should revisit your evaluative thesis statement and bring closure to your review.

Photo: Take a picture of yourself at the event: with the author or near their books- for-sale. On March 17 or the day you turn in your e.c. review, email the photo to the instructor.

The more detailed your review, the more likely it is that you will earn the full 25 points.

How do you find a literary event? Usually these events are held at bookstores, galleries, or cafes. The instructor will show you how to find one in class.

If you attend a literary event that features a number of authors, choose a maximum of two writers to focus on. Be sure to get their names.

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