What do economists mean by diminishing returns


What do economists mean by "diminishing returns" to an input? What causes diminishing returns? Have you ever observed this principle at work in a job you've had or in the real world? Discuss the long and short run impact of this concept on the firm.

Provide at least one quotation from your research and its source (Must be after Jan 1, 2019) in your discussion.

Please provide the sources of your research both in the body of the paper as well as a Works Cited page. All submissions will be checked for Plagiarism by 'Turnitin'. If you use another's words in your submission - make sure you use quotation marks and give credit. No more than 30% of your paper should be from your sources. Please be extra careful when you cut and paste - excessive cut/paste or plagiarism will result in a zero grade for the assignment!

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Microeconomics: What do economists mean by diminishing returns
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