What business strategy has been its most successful


Strategy Determination

Researchand select an MNC (multinational corporation) and one of its SBUs (strategic business unit) to use as a case study for this discussion.You may use the same MNC and SBU for both this discussion and the Unit 7assignment (Unit 7, I will post tomorrow for your help).


Withinan organization, SBUs are interested in growth. SBUs that lead in growingmarkets will likely be given additional resources, while those that fall behindin stagnant markets will be shut down so the company as a whole can operatemore efficiently.

As you analyze your selected SBU, what business strategy has been its mostsuccessful over the last 3-5 years? Analyze this strategy in terms ofresources, capabilities, and competitiveness. Provide evidence to support youranalysis and conclusions.

Yourdiscussion post should be a minimum of 250 words and incorporate at least onescholarly reference along with citations from one of the required readings.

Required readings:

Casadesus-Masanell andTarzijan's 2012 article, "When One Business Model Isn't Enough," in Harvard Business Review, volume 90, issue 1/2, pages132-137.

Girotra andNetessine's 2014 article, "Four Paths to Business Model Innovations," in Harvard Business Review, volume 92, issue 7/8, pages96-103.

Required Video

Business Model TV(Producer). (2011). Business model canvas explained [Video].Available fromhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoAOzMTLP5s

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Microeconomics: What business strategy has been its most successful
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