what are the types of entrepreneur on the type of

What are the types of Entrepreneur on the type of Business?

Classification of Entrepreneur based on the type of Business:

a. Industrial Entrepreneur: It is an entrepreneur who is while manufacturing of a product. He knows the requirements and wants of customers and therefore manufactures products to satisfy such wants and needs.

b. Trading Entrepreneurs: This is one who undertakes trading activities and is not related along with the manufacturing of products. He recognises stimulates demands and potential markets, and makes interest in between buyers to purchase a product.

c. Corporate Entrepreneur: This is a person who demonstrates his innovative ability in organizing and managing a corporate undertaking that is registered in some acts which given this a separate legal entity.

d. Agricultural Entrepreneur: Agricultural entrepreneurs are which entrepreneurs who undertake business associated to agricultural activities as fertilizers and equipments of farm, and other inputs of agriculture.

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Business Management: what are the types of entrepreneur on the type of
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