What are the potential costs to lack of training


Tips: This case occurred a number of years ago, but in checking with some of the workers that are still there the power equipment operator training has not changed very much. The company has invested in training of their service people more extensively, but the power equipment training is still OJT without the trainer. Other interesting facts about the case are added under each of the questions under "additional information."

1. What are the potential costs to this lack of training? Why do you think the company operated in this manner?

2. What type of training would you recommend: OJT, classroom, or a combination? Describe what the training might entail.

3. What type of training environment would you provide?

4. Who would you get to do the training and why?

5. Would you consider purchasing a training program for backhoe operators? Provide your rationale.

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HR Management: What are the potential costs to lack of training
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