What are the intended consequences of my response to the

What Effects Will I Generate? Examining Consequences.

Throughout your master''s program, you have been giver numerous opportunities to apply the powers of your mind, as well as your heart concerning the well-being of young children, their families, and the early childhood field. And, as you have learned, this responsibility includes the obligation to examine not only your intentions but also the unintended consequences of your actions.

My response to the challenge is to positively impact Low-income families with young children in early childhood education.

My Goals: First of all, I will advocate for free education to these young children who fail to gain early education in their childhood so that they can increase their chances for success in school. To stop and reflect the best ways to ensure appropriate educational and developmental experiences for all young children. I want to work with low-income families to help their children reach their full potential and achieve their goals. To appreciate the important role families play in their children''s education, build relationships with them as well as their families to ensure trust and effective communication (Laureate Education, 2011).

With these thoughts in mind, write a paper titled, "Examining Consequences" addressing the following questions:

*What are the intended consequences of my response to the challenge I chose and my goals?

*What might be the unintended consequences of my response to the challenge and my goals? (Think about who might be influenced negatively or even potentially harmed, including children, families, the field, and/or other stakeholders.)

*What new challenges might result from unintended challenges?

*What will be under my control?

*Based on this analysis, in what specific ways do I intend to modify my Statement of Response, my stated goals, and/or the Composition of my Ideal Community of Practice?

Please answer all the questions.

Cite the source.

Laureate Education, Inc. (2011). Practical Application in the early childhood field. Being mindful of outcomes and consequences. Baltimore, MD:Author.

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Essay Writing: What are the intended consequences of my response to the
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