What are the four characteristics of wisdom


1) What is reflective judgment? In addition, provide one real-world example.

2) How do young adults differ from older adults during the decision making process?

3) What are the four characteristics of wisdom? Who do you know that would be considered wise based on these characteristics?

4) Does happiness come with wisdom? Please provide evidence to support your argument.

5) The Big Five refers to five personality traits that make up who we are. Cross-sectional and longitudinal studies about The Big Five provides strong evidence that personalities are relatively constant and stable throughout our lives.

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Thoughts? Accurate?

6) The goal of most cognitive therapies is to help clients recognize inappropriate thoughts and replace them with more appropriate ones. It is especially effective for treating emotional disorders like depression and anxiety because this treatment focuses on psychological problems that are based in irrational and self-defeating thinking. Some common irrational beliefs are as follows:

• Because I strongly desire to perform important tasks competently and successfully, I absolutely must perform them well at all times.
• Because I strongly desire to be approved by people I find significant, I absolutely must always have their approval.
• Because I strongly desire people to treat me considerately and fairly, they absolutely must at all times and under all conditions do so.

Cognitive therapy relies on the power of the mind to change our perspectives.

What do you think?

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